Modal Widgets#

class CrispyFormModalWidget(form=None, form_class=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: ModalWidget

Renders a Bootstrap 5 Modal with a CrispyFormWidget as the body.

  • form – The form to render in the modal.

  • form_class – The form class to render in the modal.

class ModalWidget(modal_id=None, modal_title=None, modal_body=None, modal_size=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: TemplateWidget

Renders a Bootstrap 5 Modal.

  • modal_id – The CSS ID of the modal.

  • modal_title – The title of the modal.

  • modal_body – The body of the modal, any Block.

  • modal_size (optional) – The size of the modal. One of ‘sm’, ‘lg’, or ‘xl’.

template_name: Optional[str] = 'wildewidgets/modal.html'#

The name of the template to use to render this widget